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Are my details safe with Simply Expenses?


We've been asked to provide assurance that your details are safe with Simply Expenses. Here's why we would say 'your details are safe... very safe'.

Security and Encryption

All communication between our servers and your web browser use 256-bit encryption. When the connection is secure a padlock will be present either in the address bar or the status bar of your browser - double-click this to see the details of the certificate. This is known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and is same security used for protecting payment card detail when shopping online.

In addition to this, the server Operating System (Linux) and software (Apache/MySQL) are dedicated to the operation of Simply Expenses which minimises the risks from viruses, hacking and rogue users. Similarly, this infrastructure is commonly used by online stores and considered stable and secure as it is maintained properly.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

All data - including the Operating System, software, Simply Expenses application and absolutely all end user data - is backed up in full once every day and moved to two different locations; one of these locations is local to the servers the other is geographically different. In the event of any single server failure we could continue to operate normally as all key parts are duplicated within the server configuration.


Simply Expenses relies heavily on user-entered data and we take the roll of protecting this data very seriously indeed. The operation of our servers is constantly monitor to ensure we do everything possible to make access to the system fast and reliable.

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