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What you need to log into Simply Expenses



In order to successfully log in there are three things you require:

  • The login URL or Company ID
  • Your username
  • Your password

These are obviously entered into the appropriate fields in the login form. If any of this information is even slightly incorrect you will not be granted access.

The login URL or Company ID

In order to identify your company specific data, a Company ID is required. This alpha-numeric data will usually relate to the company as maybe a single word from the company name or the initials. In the case of the Simply Expenses Demonstration, the Company ID is 'demo'.

A login URL can be used by appending a forward slash and the Simply Expenses domain. For example:

For your company just replace 'demo' with your correct Company ID. This is then the best address to bookmark or send as a link.

Your username

This will have been provided by your administrator when your access to Simply Expenses was first set up. The format of the username will depend on your company's preferences and may be first name, last name or something else completely.

Your password

A password is created by your administrator when your access is set up. This may be a simple word or a system generated string which is more complicated and therefore more secure. In either case, you can change your password to something secure that you can remember, once logged into the system.

Should you forget your password, a reminder is a available from the login page.

Further assistance

If you cannot get logged in easily there should be people in your organisation that can assist. Your colleagues, manager or the system administrator should be able to help.

Failing this, you can raise a support ticket with Simply Expenses although for login enquiries there is a limit to how much help can be given. A password change by your administrator may be of more benefit and worth trying first.

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