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Information needed to Sign Up for Simply Expenses


We're commonly asked what information is needed to sign up for an account with Simply Expenses. The answer is 'very little' but some consideration to the details provided can help in the future.

To sign up, you will need:

  • Your company name so we can create properly named account
  • An email address so we can email the details to you
  • A safe and secure password

The company name is particularly important as it is used to create a part of the login details as well as a customised URL. Don't worry too much as it can be changed using a support ticket request (if possible it's best to do this before adding users).

All other features of Simply Expenses are added and controlled from within the application if you log in with an account set as an administrator.

Don't be afraid to ask question though; if we've not answered your query here please get in touch.

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