Benefits for Administrators

Simply Expenses shows its real power in the back office. The greatest time saving and most valuable information is generated once each of the employees and managers have played their part. When all expenses are paid, the reports are generated and the costs are posted on the companies financial systems. Now the reasons for using Simply Expenses become obvious.

  • Compared to paper or spreadsheet based expense recording, the time saved by Simply Expenses is significant. Having expenses data categorised, rather than collating it and manually adding up individual claims, presents real cost savings.
  • Timely access to accurate financial information prepared for entry into the company's accounting system.
  • Detailed schedule of payments due to staff for expenses ready for submission to the bank.
  • Produce reports to provide information by department, expense category or mileage rate. Alternatively, export selected data to create your own reports.
  • Reclaim VAT on expense claims including the VAT on the fuel-only element of mileage expenses.

The Simply Expenses system is also easy to manage, providing complete control over users, line managers and financial parameters. It's your system for your company and you're the driver.

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