Saving Money!

Watching staff expenditure is essential and Simply Expenses is designed to allow managers and accounting staff track costs by category, department and individual user. But the real money saving are more straight forward.

Tangible savings that equate to real money:

  • Reclaim additional VAT on the fuel part of an employee's mileage claim (usually overlooked)
  • Recharge mileage and other expenses to client with itemisation (commonly overlooked)
  • Spot expenses abuse by employees (stop giving away free money)
  • Spot genuine mistakes and duplications that cause costs to escalate (only pay what you need to)

Intangible savings, but savings none-the-less:

  • Save significant employee time over the whole out-of-pocket expenses process so people can carry on with the core business
  • Maintain accurate records without the need for duplicating the workload
  • Nothing lost or delayed in the post as chasing up is done by email/messaging, which leads to efficiency

Contact us for a brief discussion about the savings available, or better still try it now and see for yourself.

If you've not already done so, find out more about the benefits for the company using Simply Expenses, as well as the benefits toemployees, line managers and accounts personnel.

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