Pricing Information

Simple Price: 2 per user per monthSimple: 2 per user per month. But what can a user do?

  • Users can enter their expenses for travel, mileage and other costs then carry out extensive reporting on their own data. [more about employees]
  • Managers can approve or reject expenses entries line by line, providing a report of department activity. [more about managers]
  • Administrative staff can process expenses claims and generate detailed reports far more simply than traditional approaches to employee expenses. [more about the administrators]
  • The system administrator can maintain user accounts, departments and user access.
  • The logo and company specific data is configured for all or selected users.

A single user can have one or many roles. For example, a manager could enter expense claims and approve the claims of others. This is two roles, yet costs only 2 per month.

The concept of Simply Expenses is to be simple to use, simple to administer and provides clear and simple pricing.

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